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Tree health is as important for home and businesses alike. Without it, you will have trees in poor health, which can ultimately necessitate the needs that they come down. It’s in your best interest to save some money and do hire someone who really knows what they’re doing. We are the best company you can find for tree trimming in Chicago. 

For years, we have been responsible for some of the most arduous tree trimming, maintaining, and complete removal of trees. Our company Tree Service Pro Chicago has the best training and methods that are known throughout Chicago. 

Below speak on a few of our methods.  Firstly,  the importance of a healthy tree, and what you can expect when someone comes to your home for routine maintenance. We can handle one tree or a forest full of them!.

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Tree Trimming Chicago

Importance of Tree Trimming

As earlier stated, the most important reason to trim trees is because of their health, followed by aesthetics and beauty. Tree health – pruning problematic branches – make sure that they don’t fall over or become diseased. A diseased tree is one rife with problems. 

Without trimming them properly, you’ll find that they’ll become dead and spread to some of the other trees and plants on your property. This will become expensive sooner than later.

Safety is another important aspect. Trees that aren’t trimmed will have branches that will ultimately fall over them. Considering that they’re extremely heavy, these branches can cause plenty of damage to your home and other property.  Commercial clients have also been very impressed with our services. 

Trimming Methods

As earlier stated, we have a variety of different methods to assure you have a great and healthy tree. Sometimes we employ one or a combination of them to achieve goals. 

At current, these are some of the things that we provide for our Chicago tree trimming clients:

Tree Thinning. Tree thinning is a good way for you to remove some of the excess foliage from a tree. Oftentimes, you’ll find that tree limbs are fighting for position. This can block sightlines. Instead of removing the tree as a whole, thinning allows you to have a better view without the more expensive option.

Tree Skirting. Like thinning, skirting is a good method for improving your sightlines. As the name implies, this method involves creating a skirt by removing and flaring out the bottom of the tree a bit. 

If you have a city tree that you would like to get removed place visit this page.

Tree windowing forms a window, creating a particular view from certain angles of your property. 

Crown Cleaning. Crown cleaning involves cleaning the crown of the tree, specifically removing dying, dead, and diseased branches from the tree. In this process, you’re allowing more sunlight and health to go throughout the tree while removing very little of the total crown is removed. If you are a tree arborist and you are looking for insurance learn more here!

Tree Crown Reduction. This is a technique that is generally done on large and dense pines, though it can be done on any tree that may be exhibiting problems near buildings. The focus here is to allow wind and light to move through the tree, specifically the inner portion of the tree. The goal here is to maintain the health of the tree as well as make it more attractive to onlookers. 

When to Trim Trees

There are many schools of thought as to when you should trim your tree, but most experts in the industry mean that you should trim when trees are in their dormant season. This way, you don’t get as much sap, the trees don’t feel as stressed, and you will generally just have an easier run at it.

However, there are also times when this isn’t easily afforded. For example, if you have an overhanging branch on your home or sidewalk, it’s best to get that taken down as soon as you can. Trees interfering with power lines can also cause problems, as well as any branch that obstructs the view on the road.

Choose Experts in Chicago 

All things considered, you understand the importance of trimming trees. While you may find some luck in pruning plants and/or shrubbery, it isn’t very much advised for you to go into a tree trimming as if it’s something that can be done easily. 

Climbing up on a tree can be extraordinarily dangerous for even the most accomplished DIY’er, though the most popular tree trimming methods are hard to recreate for a layman, which is generally enough to most to hire a tree service in Chicago. Check out our other services.

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