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Trees in Chicago are an important investment in your property. They provide great shade when the sun is bright, provide decent cover for parties in the spring and summer, and healthy trees can improve your property value. They’re also great for peace of mind. But, like all things, if it’s worth having – it’s worth protecting. Tree Care in Chicago is easy to find.

Tree health can be the furthest thing on your mind at some times, but it’s hugely important that we’re receptive to that should we have a happy and healthy tree. 

Should you not, you may be looking for tree removal in Chicago. And even though there’s a great time for this, there simply are many trees that can be saved if you’re mindful of a few things. We understand that this can be hard for some people, as trees can be telling us a lot and we may not be able to decipher all these warnings. 

With this post, you’ll know a few things that can help, and with an arborist’s assistance, you should be able to close the gap and enjoy your trees for as long as they shall live – which is potentially a very, very long time.

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Tree Care Chicago

Tree Care and Health Checklist

First and foremost, if you’re going to have tree health, you’ll have to know where to look! We’ve broken down the most important 4 areas to look at. Trust us, it’s not that hard.

Leaves. In the springtime, the tree should have even been left with healthy foliage. If you’re seeing slow growth or odd coloration on the branches, you may be experiencing some issues. Older trees generally don’t need much fertilizer, but if there are some deficiencies, it’s probably pointing at something amiss with their nutrients. It also may be insect damage, so check the leaves for that. Click here to learning how best to care about your tree.

Branches. If you find a broken or dangling branch where it attaches to the trunk, you also may have some issues. Also, branches that are growing any fungus or are missing bark could be signs of decaying wood,. This could lead to poor structural integrity of the tree itself.  

Roots. If you’re finding fungus or mushroom growth at the roots or at the base of the trunk, you could be looking at decay. The same can be said for holes or cavities at the base of the tree or roots can also be problematic. Lastly, check for loose soil near the roots. This could mean that the tree is leaning. A leaning tree is one that can start to fall in the future.

Insects and Diseases Tree Care

Insects and diseases are your tree’s natural enemies. They often times take up refuge in the tree and rot it from the inside. Not only are these insects problematic for your tree, but they will mate and cause problems for everywhere else they ultimately decide to be.  Pests can get into the stump and root system as well. Stump removal should be considered. 

Furthermore, they can potentially be a nuisance for you when you’re trying to enjoy your lawn.

Diseases are another problem altogether. Tree diseases can be extremely expensive, especially if you don’t catch them quickly enough. Tree diseases can kill a whole tree much quicker than you’d expect.

What’s more is that even if you remove the tree without removing the stumps, the disease will spread to other plants and trees on your property. 

Contacting an Arborist: What they Do and More

Arborists can be your best friends when it comes to tree health. An ISA certified arborist is generally considered the foremost expert when it comes to trees. They can come up with a health plan to assure that every tree on your property is in tip-top shape. Tree care in Chicago is the utmost priority for us. 

Certified arborist are perfectly equipped to offer advice on transplanting, monitoring, treatment, planting, pruning, removal, insect/disease treatment, and can offer stellar advice on removal. What’s great about arborists is that they generally are partial only to the trees, meaning that you’ll get unsolicited advice as to how to handle a tree.

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Our Tree Service Pro Chicago comes highly in demand because we truly care about trees, not just removing them. Though, should you have any issues with your trees and you’re looking for Chicago tree removal, trimming, stump grinding, or just some advice from our arborist – contact us today and we can get you on the schedule! Return to main page. We would love to care for your trees 

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