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Stump removal Chicago IL

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Stump removal Chicago can be just as hard – if not harder – than removing whole trees. Stumps can be problematic because a lot of the root system is below the ground, adding a decent amount of issues for something that’s already a bit dangerous. We are available 24 hours for emergency service. So do not hesitate to call.

However, it’s extremely important for you to elicit the services of those who know the ins and outs of the process,. These include the benefits and different ways to do it. We even have some tips to hire a stump removal company.

After all, the whole of it is for home and business owners to get what they want at a price that they can afford. It’s not all about our company getting the contract, as we want all tree companies to provide good solutions.

As a way to undermine that thought, we love to provide as much information as we can to keep home and business owners informed.

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Stump Grinding Chicago
Stump removal in Chicago

Benefits of Stump Removal

It looks better. Even if you have the best-looking yard on a block, a singular tree stump can make it look as if you haven’t done anything at all. Removing – or even grinding – a stump can make it look much better, cleaner, and increase property value. Learn more about tree stumps here, there is so much to know!

Accident Avoidance. You may think that stumps are minor annoyances – but imagine if someone trips on them. A stump can be a large tripping points for both small children and senior citizens. If they fall on them, most anything could happen. What’s more is that if someone falls on your property because of a stump, they could sue, causing you a lot of money if the accident takes place on your property.

Disease and Pests. Stumps can provide homes for pests to live in, including termites. As you may well know, these things are relentless and continuously find things to eat. Unfortunately, termites generally can eat things that are expensive – your home. There’s no good reason to have termites around. 

Many trees are also cut down because of disease. Unfortunately, the disease doesn’t all just die when the tree is felled. If you don’t remove the stump of the diseased tree, you’ll ultimately pass the disease along to other healthy trees on your property. 

Sprouting. Sprouting is an issue because you’ve already dealt with the tree – you don’t want to deal with it again! Stumps just left there will ultimately attempt to regrow, causing you to call another tree service to start the process all over again. With Chicago stump removal, you destroy the stump and root system. They won’t grow back that way.

Grind or Remove Stump?

Choosing to grind or remove a stump can be difficult. Some people don’t even know that there are two different ways to handle stumps. They both have their benefits and drawbacks.  It depends on your personal feelings regarding your own stumps in determining which is the best for you.

Grinding stumps essentially just cuts down the stump to as close as ground level as you can possibly get it. It’s also the less time-intensive of the two. It’s a more environmentally-friendly option, doesn’t leave a hole in the ground to fill, though it can be potentially harmful and it can cause eventually sprouting.

Chicago stump removal does decimate both the stumps and the roots underneath. It doesn’t pose any health hazards and you can replant grass or anything else easier than just grinding the stump. However, it’s more of a time-consuming task and it’s easily the more difficult way to handle stumps. It will also leave a hole that you’ll have to deal with.

Truth be told, both of them can be wholly beneficial, it just depends on what your plans are after the stump. 

Hire a Stump Removal Company in Chicago

Hiring a stump removal and/or grinding company depends on what you need to have done, how many stumps there are, and how much you’ll want to spend. With any stump removal companies, if you have a few stumps to remove – or a tree to trim – you may find some savings if you’re willing to negotiate on price. 

However, we don’t suggest you negotiate on price, as it’ll end up biting you in the long run. Stump removal is a specialist-based undertaking that can be quite difficult if you attempt to go it alone or enlist in a company that’s dramatically below market rates. Check out our main page here.

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