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Firewood and Mulch Chicago are great additions to our home, inside and out. Firewood can be extremely valuable for a wood-burning stove or heat for your home. Buying firewood in Chicago will always be a worthwhile effort, especially when we think about how cold it can get around here. 

There will always be another firewood dealer promising you to best wood. It’s not too bad to have options, but if you’ve bought firewood in the past, you understand that some firewood is just flat-out bad.

Here at Tree Service Pro Chicago, we promise to connect you with the cord (or cords!) that will keep your family warm and/or your belly full.

Our mulch services are the same. There are even more options for mulching out there, from large big box stores to guys on the side of the road. Either of them can give you something to throw around your tree and/or garden, but we’re of the opinion that a tree service will always understand good mulch from bad mulch. It’s oftentimes much less expensive, too!

Call Now: (312) 779-6863

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Firewood and mulch Services
Firewood and Mulch Service

Tips and Ideas to Buy Firewood

Of course, the best way to gather wood is to cut and dry it yourself. But let’s be real – it’s not always possible to do all that. As such, we use dealers who sell in it for the public. This is a great option, too! This way, you don’t have to lug around an ax in the cold to chop wood!  Learn about the best firewood here.

First and foremost, you have to understand some of your choices for firewood and mulch. To put it simply, you generally have to choose between softwood and hardwood. Hardwood is one that will burn longer and hotter. It’s for this reason that it’s more desirable than softwood. 

This doesn’t mean that softwoods aren’t great, they’re just different and some people prefer the other type. Softwoods generally grow faster and give off a better aroma than hardwoods. They also burn brightly and crackle much more than their harder counterparts. 

Firewood is also sold in two different ways, either a cord or a face cord (or rick). A cord is the most common type, measuring 4 ft wide x 4 feet tall x 8 feet for a total volume of 128 cubic feet.

Mulch Buying Tips and Ideas

Mulch is usually an organic material that generally covers various surfaces of your lawn, including trees and plants. The purpose of mulch is to maintain water in the soil, regulate its temperature,  and keep weeds down. It also provides nutrients to plants so that they can grow. If applied correctly, it also looks good!

At current, pine, cypress, hardwood, and cedar are the most popular types of mulches. Pine and hardwood are generally good because it lasts a long time, which is great for people who don’t want to replace their mulch all the time. Be sure to check these guys out if you need stump removal.

Cypress retains water the best, though it can sometimes retain water and keep that water from the plant/tree roots. Cedar is good if you have issues with bugs, it both prevents them from coming in and also kills them. 

Mulch Application Tips

What we like about mulch is that you can put it basically everywhere – walkways, play areas, lawns around trees, gardens, and just about everywhere else where you feel it’s good and attractive.  Mulch can be very important for tree health

When it comes to plants and trees, be sure to use a thin layer on your garden, though that may depend on your plants and types. When it comes to trees, don’t apply more than about a foot around the diameter of the tree. Furthermore, be very careful about not applying mulch at the base of the tree.

Choose A Premier Mulch and Firewood Dealer

One of the issues people have with both firewood and mulch is their costs and quality. Mulch and firewood can be surprisingly expensive if you haven’t bought them before. Also, you may not know what quality you’re really going to get until you get it home and start interacting with it.

It’s this guesswork that can keep people from getting exactly what they want out of either. We’ve only provided mulch and firewood that we can stand behind, as we cut and mulch all of the wood ourselves. We have a bunch of firewood and mulch in Chicago! Give us a call!

We use both products for our homes and gardens and feel completely comfortable selling to others in Chicago and the surrounding areas. We don’t believe in bad mulch or firewood, and neither should you. Check out our homepage.

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