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If you need an emergency tree service please call now. If the answer is yes to these questions – don’t hesitate to call now. Trees are large, potentially dangerous vegetation that can quickly derail your plans and quickly drain your wallet if it’s not acted upon immediately. We are the premiere emergency tree service in Chicago. Fortunately, Emergency tree removal doesn’t have to be a chore. You know that you have plenty of options for a tree service, though we should say that they’re not all created equally.

Call Now: (312) 779-6863

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Emergency Tree Removal
Emergency Tree Service

24 Hour Emergency Tree Services 

Do you have a tree that looks like it’s going to fall on your property? 

Emergency Storm Damage 

Storm damage is generally one of the biggest reasons why people want an emergency job done. Wind can really snap off branches if not the tree as a whole, which is assuredly something that no home or business owner would ever want. This is potentially dangerous if not outright life-threatening.  Please reach out to the proper authorities if that is the case. 

Snow gets bad here, and that extra stress and weight on trees can make them fall. A qualified tree professional can remove the trees. They can also evaluate others on your property to assure that they do not suffer the same fate. An arborist is in great demand here, as they’re usually the only ones that you can trust to make an ultimate decision.

Erosion / Rainy Weather

Rainy weather is also a pretty big culprit to hire an emergency tree service. While we don’t have to worry about things like hurricanes in Illinois, we get some storms that can wreak havoc. 

Flooding is a killer for trees, especially if they happen to be submerged for quite some time. 

A lot of this is usually due to erosion. Rain can pull away some of the dirt and nutrients, rending the tree weak at the base and continue to cause problems over time, even if you don’t initially see anything wrong with the tree. 

After a heavy rain and decently standing water, we find that it’s always a good idea to call and see what an arborist has to say. It may seem like a lot, but the alternative is potentially having a tree fall.

Emergency Tree Service 

Tree illness is a fact of life, and you must do something about it since you never really know how far progressed the disease is in the tree. These trees can be brittle and unpredictable, both of which necessitating emergency tree removal.  If this isnt an emergency, be sure to check out our routine tree trimming and maintenance page. 

Also, you never really know if this disease is something that can spread to other trees or not. While it isn’t an overnight thing, tree disease is nothing to play with. They can be extremely invasive and do away with all of the other trees in amount of months. 

You’re a person who really loves their trees! If you suspect any illness on any of your trees, you may want to call a company that specializes in tree emergency in Chicago. 

Emergency Trees Downed

A downed tree – for any reason – could be a great candidate for an emergency tree service, especially if it impedes on your driveway or something of the sort. What else is that a downed tree can rot quickly, where it would become a home for all sorts of pests and such that can possibly destroy other vegetation in your yard.

Emergency Tree Service (Weakend Trees)

A weak tree base is probably one of the best times to call an emergency tree service in Chicago. These trees are known to crack and fall without much warning other than the home or business owner inspecting the tree’s root system. 

This can also be determined if you find that the tree is leaning a bit too much at the base. If you find that a significant amount of its root is exposed, you can usually from there determine that the base of the tree is weak. It should probably should be designated for removal.

Call 24/7 Tree Removal Pros

It’s important for you to always have a company that you can trust in your pocket. You never really know when you’re going to have to need a tree removal in Chicago. Even more a company worth working with if you need them to come out at a moment’s notice.  Visit our main page to see all our services.

When choosing Tree Service Pro Chicago,  we are always ready and waiting for home and business owners to call and have some of their most dangerous trees come down.

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