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Are you looking for a tree service in Chicago tree company to cut down your trees? Do you just need tree trimming or Stump grinding?  You’re in the right place! Yes

For more than a decade, tree service Chicago has been an organization that has taken on the most difficult tree jobs. This comes from a host of esteemed home and business owners in the Chicago area. We are skilled experts and we are ready to help you with our professional Chicago Tree Service.

Our service is one that comes with the utmost professionalism. Our courtesy, and ability to do the job without asking an arm and a leg. We know tree work can be expensive, so we really try our best to keep the quality high and the prices low. We are your go-to company for tree services in Chicago. Here is a breakdown of our services. We have been the go-to Tree Service Chicago company for over a decade and will continue to be! Give us a call with any questions!

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Our Services

Tree Removal

Tree removal is our bread and butter, though assure us – we only make it look easy. It’s a tough job that requires sterling personnel, cutting-edge equipment, and a great direction to pull it all together. Tree removal isn’t just about the beautification of a yard. While that accounts for a fair amount of the work that we do, we also like to tell our customers looking for tree removal in Chicago that taking down a tree can have a drastic impact on the health of all of the other trees and vegetation on your property. A diseased tree spread to other trees on your property, as well as infects some of the other plants, as well. It’s all a part of keeping your lawn healthy, much like fertilization, mulching, and water. In fact, all of these efforts can be for naught if you’re not careful with your tree’s health, and in some cases, this means that the best course of action is removing it. With Mid City Tree Service Chicago, you’re taking a step in the right direction regarding your lawn and garden’s overall health.
Tree Trimming and Maintenance
We think that tree trimming is just as important – if not more important – than tree removal. Whereas tree removal is a one-time thing, tree trimming is something that should be done for the life of the tree.  What’s more is that getting a tree pruned will lengthen the life of a tree, ultimately staving off tree removal for the foreseeable future. Who knows – you may never have to get it cut down!  Much like tree removal, tree trimming in Chicago should only be done by a company that knows what they’re doing. Trimming a tree improperly can and will damage the tree. If you cut too much, you may be forced to remove the tree down the line. In truth, all Chicago tree trimming jobs do put some stress on the tree to a certain degree. When searching Tree service Chicago, you will get a multitude of results headed your way. Be sure to choose the right one! Having a strong understanding of these stress factors and how to mitigate them should be high on the list of any tree trimming company you ultimately end up hiring. If not, you’ll have to call someone else to remove the tree much sooner than you probably anticipated. Tree services in Chicago vary widely!
Stump Removal

Stump Removal is also a huge part of the tree removal process. There are a number of reasons why our customers generally choose this service. The first is that stumps are unsightly. They just don’t look good, especially against a manicured lawn.

To combat this, customers do what they can to get them removed – but it certainly isn’t the easiest thing to do, though it may not be as inherently risky as removing a whole tree.

Stump removal requires a variety of tools and methods for a job well done. It’s not just grinding the stump, but you may find that the removal in and of itself can take a very long time. There may be chains, chemicals, various saws, and others just to remove a small stump.

Outside of the danger aspect that comes from the use of those materials, seeking to do it yourself may prove to be much worse and stressful on your yard – thereby rendering your methods more counterproductive than anything.

Stump removal will make mowing easier, will allow you to plant grass in the area, and will keep new trees from sprouting in the place of the stump. Stumps can also wreak havoc on structures over time. Hire a stump removal service that can prevent any of these things from happening.

Emergency Services

Emergency tree services in Chicago can be difficult to obtain. There certainly are a lot of companies who can help, but are they always avalible?  We will always be there for you!

Emergency services by Tree Service Pro Chicago are much similar to those we provide during normal hours. Our 24/7 service includes tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, and all of the latest and best methods in tree care.

What’s more is that we’re committed to getting what you need done at the time that you need it. There’s nothing worse than  an emergency happening to your home and being without help. You won’t find this to be a problem with Tree Service Pro Chicago.

We do the jobs that some other companies will not. We take pride in that.

More Tree Services We Offer
Firewood, Mulch Services

Mulch and firewood in Chicago is a must during the cold, harsh winters. If you have a stove, furnace, or fireplace – your firewood guy is as good as gold when the temperature starts dropping. Mid City Tree Service Chicago has long been providing great firewood to those needy Chicagoans who want a clean-burning, energy-efficient, and a great way to deliver heat to your home and/or wood-burning stove.

Our mulching services are much in the same. Mulch is a huge part in protecting your trees and your garden by providing much-needed nutrients and the soil’s water retention. Mulch comes in all different varieties, but our organic mulch is devoid of harmful chemicals, cost-effective, and you’re allowed to have as much as you want!

People who use our firewood and mulch services don’t have to worry about wood that’s too dry, dirty, and won’t pass muster. As people who make their living with wood, we understand exactly what you’re looking for and we’re willing to stake our reputation on the great seasoned wood and organic mulch that we offer.

Commercial Tree Services

We love working for esteemed business owners in Chicago. We love our neighbors, and if we can do a good job for you, we feel as if we’re doing our part for the business community in this city. Our commercial tree services in Chicago come without compare.

This is because we understand what a nice, clean, and uniform property can do for your bottom line. Curb appeal is everything for a brand that’s front facing, and if your landscaping is on point, you stand to make more money than a property that has fallen into disrepair.

Our tree services – trimming and removals – lead the industry because we’re professional, accurate, and efficient. The last thing you’ll want is another company setting up a worksite where your customers come and visit you.

While we’re about as thorough as any tree service. We also understand that you’d prefer us to get in and out as soon as we can. We’re clean-cut and professional, tree work can be dirty and may make your customers second guess your business.

So, not only will we leave your property in better shape than it was, but we’ll also work efficiently to not drive off potential sales.

Stump Removal in Chicago
Brush and Land Clearing

Clearing brush is eventually something that every home or business owner will have to do at some point. As an owner of any property, there’s a good chance that it won’t be up to snuff on the day of sale.

While it may be fine for a while, there will come a point in time where you’ll have to clear land for whatever reason – including standard beautification, to make way for a new development/structure, or to make your property safer.

Regardless of your reason, Mid City Tree Service Chicago will act as a liaison between you and your transformed property. We’re confident in our ability because we’ve seen virtually everything there is to see in tree removals, trimming, and stump grinding that allows us to safely remove all brush, dead and dying trees, diseased trees, and assorted cleanup to tackle even the largest of lots.

We possess all of the manpower, tools, and experience to do some of the hardest work in tree removal – as we have in the past.

If you’re looking for your new tree service to tackle any of the projects above, please call us today and we can get started! We’re always here to help!

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